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Answering Your College Questions

Editors Note: Each week Steve will answer your email questions during College Central and here in his weekly column.
John asks: Why dont we hear about Georgia Southerns Aron Price as much as we hear about Ryan Moore and Spencer Levin?
On last weeks College Central we did run the scores from the Ashworth Intercollegiate, an event which Aron won by five shots. But I do understand where you are coming from with regard to Price not receiving as much attention as Moore and Levin. Keep in mind the summer Ryan had, and what Spencer did at the U.S Open. These two also play for programs which might be more recognizable. That being said, I do keep an eye on all the best players in the nation, and we plan on doing a profile of Aron at Georgia Southerns event a few weeks from now. That would be a great chance for Price to showcase his stuff against a very strong field.
Johnny asks: My son is a senior and a member of his high school golf team. He basically has two problems. He is a big kid, 62-285 lbs and tends to let the pressure of the match get to him. Any advice on how to ease his fears, as he hopes to play college golf one day?
I will put my Dr. Phil cap on for this one, Johnny. As a five handicap, there is some work to be done for your son to play Division I golf. If he has not received interest this late in the game, the walk-on route might be the way to go. is the website which will have everything you need to get the ball rolling. As for your sons size and the pressure he feels on the course: The first thing you can do nothing about, and I dont think you should as there have been many successful big golfers. Phil Blackmar comes to mind in that regard. As for the pressure aspect, I would continue to get him in more and more events, as experience might very well be the best way for him to get over the hump. But keep in mind, and share it with your son, that golf should be fun and enjoyable. Adding pressure before the situation arises might only make things more difficult as your son continues to play. Hope this gives you some insight.
Paul asks: I am 16 years old, been playing golf for two years and average about 82. I have problems with my iron shots in getting them to check and spin on the greens. What can I do to create some spin from my irons?
Back in the day, around your age, I recall wondering the same thing. First thing first, a softer golf ball might be the first change you need to make. I remember the price of a tour quality ball was not cheap, but definitely made a difference. I am far from a teacher of the game, but club-head speed and hitting the ball first, before you hit the ground is also important to create spin. I would suggest hitting a lot of balls, experimenting with some of the above noted changes. Hopefully you will see you some different results on the course.
College Central presented by PING comes your way Thursday night at 10:30 pm eastern. I look forward to seeing you there. And remember is the email address you can send your questions.
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