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Post Season Stakes Are Even Higher

For the past seven months, we have watched college teams across the country battle it out in some very big events. Not that they are not important, they certainly play a big role in teams finding out how good they are and what they need to work on. A schools success or lack there of also have an impact on national rankings and district positions.
But we are now entering the critical time of year for all teams to try and peakits the postseason.
With several conference championships getting underway in the coming days, these tournaments are crucial to many with regard to achieving their goals for the entire season.
The next six weeks can truly make or break how successful a year a team can have.
For the most part, a win in a conference tourney gives a team an automatic bid to the regionals, much like March Madness in basketball. A college golf squad must make it to regionals and finish high enough there, to earn an invitation to nationals. Win or lose, the top teams really have nothing to worry about. They will get the nod for a regional selection next month. This is a chance for teams on the bubble to make a final statement, or perhaps snatch an unforeseen victory.
Through the years, many coaches have told me that conference championships are the second biggest event they play all year long. In fact, some teams that dont have a legitimate chance to win the NCAA title, will put their league crown as their No. 1 goal.
Whatever the case may be, this is the most exciting time of the year for college golfers. Its a chance to make history on one level or another, and the great part about it for me, I will be able to watch most of the action first hand.
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