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Bryson DeChambeau was the answer to a Jeopardy! question and no one knew it

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Bryson DeChambeau was the talk of the golf world – and still is – after validating his distance gains with a U.S. Open trophy last September. But for three Jeopardy! contestants, the world’s fifth-ranked golfer didn’t ring a bell.

In the popular trivia gameshow’s second-to-final episode with late host Alex Trebek, which aired Thursday night, DeChambeau was the answer to this question: “The unconventional methods of this long-hitting 2020 U.S. Open Champ include using a protractor on the putting green.”

None of the puzzled contestants attempted to answer, much to the delight of DeChambeau, who took to Twitter to express his gratitude for being featured in one of Trebek’s final episodes. Trebek, who died in November, filmed five final shows 10 days before his death.

“Not sure what’s more impressive: being featured on @Jeopardy or that no one knew the answer,” DeChambeau wrote. “Staying humble here. Thanks for the answer, Trebek.”