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Driver vs. Driver 2 Presented by Wilson TV Schedule

driver vs driver season 2
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Driver vs. Driver Season 2 presented by Wilson will follow 14 aspiring golf equipment designers in a television series where they will compete for the chance to have their driver design hit retail shelves worldwide and $250,000 in prize money.  The driver concepts will be transformed into prototypes, they'll be tested, critiqued, and refined by some of the leaders in the golf industry. In the end, one driver concept will be left standing!

The 14 finalists, ages 22-81, the group of designers ranges from engineers, product designers, colleges students, professional bowlers, and poker players from the United States.  The group of finalists will present to a team of expert judges, including: Jeremy Roenick NHL All-Star and golfer; PGA Professional Rick Shiels and the President of Wilson Golf Tim Clarke.

After each finalist presents their driver design to the panel of celebrity judges, the judges will then pick which concepts will advance to the next round. Throughout the seven-episode series, driver concepts will be field tested and reviewed by some of  best golfers on the PGA TOUR, golf equipment experts, golf stars, bloggers and social media influencers in the field of golf.

Chris Adams
Juan Biancardi/ Walter Lund
Hank Boomershine/Victor Marion
Jeremy Chell
Peter Dreyfuss
Scott Haack 
J.D. Hefferin
Evan Hoffman 
Jimmy Huynh
Bob Lockhart
Tim Slama
Samantha Smith
Tim Swiss
Allen Zadeh

Melanie Collins

Ultimately one driver will be selected to hit stores worldwide under the Wilson Staff umbrella.  Don't miss Driver vs. Driver 2 presented by Wilson premiering on Golf Channel Tuesday, October 2 at 9 pm ET.  You can also catch the show on live streaming.

Driver Vs. Drive 2 Programming Schedule

Episode 1: Tuesday, October 2: 9pm ET
Episode 2: Tuesday, October 9: 9pm ET
Episode 3: Tuesday, October 16: 9pm ET
Episode 4: Tuesday, October 23: 9pm ET
Episode 5: Tuesday, October 30: 9pm ET
Episode 6: Tuesday, November 6: 9pm ET
Episode 7: Tuesday, November 13: 9pm ET