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Pinehurst adds PVC pipe at bottom of holes to limit touching flagsticks

Pinehurst hole

Some golf courses are choosing to close amid coronavirus concerns across the country and world. Then there’s Pinehurst Resort, which is making it easy for its guests to stay safe and germ-free on the golf course.

Pinehurst is in the process of adding two-inch PVC pipes to the bottom of the hole at all of its courses in order to limit the passing of germs from player to player. 

“This will be done on all Pinehurst courses Friday — including Pinehurst No. 2 — as we recommend social distancing [and] keeping flagsticks untouched, etc.,” Pinehurst tweeted.

Pinehurst got the idea when Wolf Creek Golf Club tweeted a similar picture planning to do the same thing at their course in Kansas. 

 "Ball retrieval without pulling the flag or touching the cup," Bill Irving, from Wolf Creek, tweeted.