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Digital Exclusives | Feb 07, 2018

McIlroy to race Paris Hilton in TV show

Here's some news about Rory McIlroy you didn't expect to read today ... or ever, for that matter The four-time major champion will appear on an episode of Amazon Prime's "The Grand Tour" which will premiere on Feb. 9 where he will take on Paris Hilton in the show's Celebrity Face Off - a head-to-head car race to see who is the world’s “fastest golf enthusiast” If the words Paris Hilton and golf enthusiast appearing in the same sentence have you confused, well, join the club McIlroy, who is set to make his 2018 PGA Tour debut this week at Pebble Beach will race the Hollywood socialite around a half gravel, half asphalt track in a Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic coupe It's too early to tell, but McIlroy could have an edge in this race, considering his history of needing to get somewhere in a car as fast as possible

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