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Glover and wife embrace 'new beginning'

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On Friday in St. John (Fla.) County court, Krista Glover, wife of PGA Tour player Lucas Glover, entered a deferred prosecution agreement following her arrest in May on charges of battery and resisting an officer without violence.

For the Glovers, it marks the end of a long and emotional period as well as a chance to start fresh and to clear up some confusion.

“This will be our closure that it’s behind us,” Lucas Glover said following his third round at the Desert Classic.

According to Lucas Glover, contrary to initial reports, his wife is not on probation nor will she have to undergo a mental health and substance abuse evaluation, which is standard in this type of deferred prosecution agreement.

“There is no probation,” Lucas Glover said. “We did a lot of things on our own that we opted to do before the court ordered it. We did it together because we needed it.”

Last May, Krista Glover was arrested and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest without violence.

Following months of silence, however, Lucas Glover said the police reports were not entirely accurate.

“I can now say she never hit me,” Lucas Glover said. “I don’t know why it was reported that way. We had to stay quiet until the case was over and we felt strongly this would be the result. We had to take the high road and say nothing, which was difficult. There were a lot of things we wanted to straighten out in the report but we couldn’t.”

The Glovers recently renewed their wedding vows and Lucas Glover said the two have started a new chapter.

“It was the closure of everything, of all the mess for us and a symbol of a new beginning,” Glover said. “It was emotional and symbolic.”