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Weekly Fix: Staying connected and proper swing path

Weekly Fix Week 3
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Hi, I’m Tim Cooke, and welcome back to Weekly Fix, where each week right here on we’ll be taking a closer look at your swings in hopes of helping you play better golf this year.

This week, we’ll be analyzing Ian’s golf swing, and there’s certainly a lot to like about Ian’s action.

There are also a couple of things that Ian can change that will help him hit even more good shots than he probably does now.

We’ll discuss those things in our video analysis, and these are things that every golfer can keep in mind as it relates to solid ball-striking.

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In summary, the tips I would suggest that everyone take away from this week’s analysis would include the following:

• Staying connected in your golf swing is crucial and a great way to do that is to feel that your lead arm, or in this case the left arm for a right-handed player, stays connected to your chest both in the backswing and on the downswing.

• When you complete your takeaway, or when the club is parallel to the ground going back, ideally you want to see the clubhead just outside of your hands, and you can easily use a mirror to check this position.

• While we want to approach the ball from the inside, a swing that is too much from in to out will leave you vulnerable to blocks and/or hooks depending on the angle of the clubface at impact.

Enjoy this week’s edition of Weekly Fix, and keep sending us those videos at We’ll be back with a new edition next week right here at

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