TaylorMade introduces M2 club line


TaylorMade Golf has announced the completion of its M family through the introduction of M2 drivers, fairway woods and Rescue clubs, which it says deliver maximum forgiveness without sacrificing distance for players of all skill levels.

According to the company, a seven-layer carbon composite crown design in the M2 driver results in a significant decrease in overall crown weight, which has been distributed to the sole of the club, considerably lowering the center of gravity and generating a hot trajectory with maximized forgiveness.

TaylorMade cites three key performance features that deliver ball speed protection on shots struck away from center of the clubface: inverted cone technology (ICT), a redesigned “Speed Pocket”; and increased moment of inertia (MOI).

The company says that a thinner clubface provides a higher COR (coefficient of restitution) on the heel and toe areas of the face. The COR would be above the legal limit at the center of the clubface, but the inverted cone feature is then added to bring that section down to the legal range.

The M2’s redesigned “Speed Pocket” allows for greater face flexion than with a traditional, more rigid connection, the company says. More flexibility means greater energy transfer at impact made low on the face and thus, more protection of ball speed.

The company says the club’s low, slightly farther back center of gravity produces some of the highest moments of inertia (MOI) of any club it has ever produced. Increased MOI resists twisting at impact, resulting in farther and straighter shots when struck off-center.

M2 drivers have a 12-position loft sleeve, providing up to 4 degrees of loft adjustment. They come with a stock Fujikura Pro shaft, and TaylorMade says it will offer more than 30 additional premium custom shaft options at no extra charge. Available lofts are 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees in both right- and left-hand models. Cost is $399.

M2 fairway woods, which feature a redesigned “Speed Pocket,” are available in five lofts: 15, 16.5, 18 (right-hand and left-hand) and 21 and 24 degrees (right-hand only). Cost is $249.

M2 Rescue clubs are available in four lofts: 19, 22 (right-hand and left-hand), 25 and 28 degrees (right-hand only). Cost is $199.

All the M2 clubs will be available starting on Feb. 19.