After Further Review: A display of Rory's character


Each week, takes a look back at the week in golf. In this edition of After Further Review, our writers weigh in on Rory McIlroy's character and Jordan Spieth's theatrics.

Apologies for the lack of timeliness, but this space is entitled “After Further Review,” and the moment serves as a telling example of why Rory McIlroy is an extraordinary athlete both on and off the golf course.

Towards the end of his victory speech last Sunday at the DP World Tour Championship, a particularly lucrative triumph that also netted the Northern Irishman his second consecutive Race to Dubai title, McIlroy paused, his gaze driftinng toward the clubhouse and a familiar flag.

“There’s a flag flying up there by the clubhouse, and I think there are a lot more things in life more important than golf,” he said gesturing toward a French flag. “I just want to share a thought for all the victims last week in Paris.”

The moment, unrehearsed and unfiltered, went beyond competition and individual accomplishments to something much more important. - Rex Hoggard

At some point last year, probably between his Masters and U.S. Open victories, Jordan Spieth started revealing himself as something of a perfectionist.

He reacts like amateurs do when they top the ball - except he's carrying the water, finding the green, getting his ball on the right shelf and setting up chances for eagle. See for yourself:

As has been the trend this year, even Spieth's mis-hits tend to work out, and his dissatisfaction is just added entertainment. - Nick Menta