Bae focused on Presidents Cup, not military service


INCHEON, South Korea – Sangmoon Bae has one week remaining before a dramatic career change from professional golfer to a member of the South Korean military and that’s what he wants to focus on.

Bae drew the largest crowd on Tuesday when he spoke with the media, which is not surprising considering he is the only South Korean playing this week’s Presidents Cup.

Bae declined to answer any questions regarding the 21-months of mandatory military service in the South Korean armed forces that awaits him after the matches, instead focusing on how special it will be to play in such a prestigious event in his home country.

“I'll be very happy and I'll be genuinely honored, especially because personally I'm going through a lot of things these days,” he said. “It will mean a lot to me, so I'm determined to do my very best.”

His manager, Thomas Lee, said Bae expects to be given his reporting date next week and that he will likely have to begin his military service in November. But Lee added that there’s currently a waiting list for those beginning their service.