Bowditch: Offseason 'was a 10-hour flight from Korea'


NAPA, Calif. – Steven Bowditch isn’t exaggerating when he says he didn’t have much time to reflect on a season that included another PGA Tour victory, his first appearance at the Tour Championship and a spot on the Presidents Cup team.

His offseason, he joked Wednesday at the Open, “was a 10-hour flight from Korea.”

Bowditch is one of four Presidents Cuppers who made the trip to wine country for the season opener. The Australian had a 1-2 record in his cup debut, his lone victory coming in singles when he knotted the match at 12 ½ points apiece.

“I’ve never felt intense pressure like there was there,” he said. “That’s something that you can’t prepare for. Everyone talks about it and the captains talk about it. But until you experience it, it’s a whole different beast and level, and one that I can use for the rest of my career knowing that’s basically the highest echelon in how we play golf.” 

Bowditch says the pressure of trying to win a tournament pales in comparison to representing your country.

“You learn about yourself,” he said. “It can’t be taught to you. You’ve got to understand your dos and don’ts under the gun under that type of immense pressure. I’ll definitely use that and take that forward and know what to do with it if it ever happens again.”