Chinese Taipei or Taiwan? Awkward moments at Intl. Crown


OWINGS MILLS, Md. – There were some awkward moments with the Chinese Taipei flag flying at the start of the International Crown Thursday and some of the nation’s contingent carrying smaller Taiwanese flags.

While the country is known by both names, its teams compete as Chinese Taipei in Olympic and international competitions.

Conflict with the People’s Republic of China over the status of Taiwan, and questions of sovereignty, make for awkward moments for athletes competing for Chinese Taipei.

The issue extended to the playing of the Chinese Taipei national anthem, which is different from the Taiwanese national anthem.

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When the four Chinese Taipei golfers were asked about it after Thursday’s matches, there was silence, awkward stares among the players, some whispering and finally a careful answer from Candie Kung.

“We’re playing golf out here,” Kung said. “So we really don’t care what flag we have out there. When we know we are playing for Chinese Taipei, whatever is out there, it’s out there. It’s out there, and we look like we’re from Chinese Taipei. We’re from somewhere from Asia, all right. But we’re out here on the golf course. We’re trying to make birdies out there.”