Faldo fascinated with DeChambeau's brain


Three-time Masters champion Nick Faldo likes the way amateur Bryson DeChambeau’s mind works and is looking forward to seeing how his approach holds up not just this Masters’ weekend but also through his professional career.

Speaking on "Live From the Masters" on Saturday morning, Faldo weighed in on DeChambeau’s one-plane swing and uniquely designed equipment.

“He goes for the straight ball," Faldo said. "I asked his coach, 'What is your go-to shot?' Straight. That's a bit of an eye-opener, because that is quite tough to do, really quite difficult to do. Most of the greatest players’ shots moved one way or another.”

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As for Faldo's take of DeChambeau’s attitude: “This is the most important thing: When you listen to him, self-confidence and self-belief must be running at 100 percent, to be a great golfer," he said.

"The way he deals with things factually. 'I hit it left in the tree.' He doesn’t say, 'I made a terrible swing. I came over the top, and I feel lousy about it.' He just sticks to [facts], 'I made two mistakes,' and it’s boom, boom, done with, dealt with, put it in a box, we move on now. That is pretty cool, pretty powerful. If you can do that, maintain that 20 years out here at work ... because the golf game starts chipping away at you, little fellas start sitting on your shoulder, and if you can deal with that, well, good luck to you.”