Finchem loves Jack but calls Tiger the 'greatest'


Tim Finchem still has some business to settle before he officially departs as PGA Tour comissioner, and he made an effort on Tuesday at East Lake to settle one of golf's most well-worn debates.

During what was billed as his final formal news conference, Finchem was asked about Tiger Woods' impact on the game and on Finchem's own tenure as the head of the Tour. Included in the response, Finchem volunteered his own thoughts on the enduring question: Tiger or Jack?

"He's the only living player to win 79 times, and only player was ever won more," Finchem said, referring to Woods. "He's the only active player to have won 14 majors, and only one player has won more.

"I have to put him down -- I love Jack Nicklaus beyond belief, but I have to put Tiger down as probably the greatest player ever to play."