Husband, wife ace same hole with consecutive shots


A Michigan couple defied the odds recently when they each made a hole-in-one - on the same hole, in the same round, on consecutive shots.

Tony Blundy, 53, stepped to the tee at the par-3 16th hole at Ledge Meadows Golf Club in Grand Ledge, Mich., and promptly holed a 7-iron from 135 yards for his first-ever hole-in-one. A celebration ensued, and Blundy's wife, Janet, even claimed that she would keep pace with an ace of her own.

That off-hand prediction quickly came true, as Janet, 43, knocked in a pitching wedge from 110 yards for her second career hole-in-one.

"I had a feeling. But, you know, everyone gets a feeling that this one's going in," she told the Lansing State Journal. "We have a competitive edge between each other. It was just like, 'Hee hee, you're not gonna get one up on me.'"

The National Hole-in-One Association, which is apparently a real organization, estimates that the odds of an amateur making an ace are 12,500-1. For two members of the same group to ace the same hole in the same round, the odds jump to 26 million-to-1, and they could be even higher when the Blundys' marriage is factored, plus the fact that they were playing as a twosome.

The second ace was reportedly witnessed and verified by two players who were on the next tee, and the Blundys were ready to follow protocol by purchasing two rounds of drinks for their fellow golfers - only to find an empty clubhouse with only two workers remaining by the time they finished the rest of their round.