Johnson wants to 'introduce' claret jug to green jacket


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Because only the defending Masters champion can take his green jacket off property, Zach Johnson is planning a unique photo shoot this week at Augusta National.

He plans to “introduce” his green jacket (won in 2007) to his claret jug, which he captured last year at St. Andrews. 

“That’s probably a rare thing,” he said Monday. “I don’t know history all that well, but my guess is that doesn’t happen that often. I’m sure Tiger (Woods) did it 12 times, it seems like.”

It’s especially rare for players to win at both Augusta and St. Andrews – Johnson became just the sixth player in history to accomplish the feat.

“You’re talking about two of the biggest, iconic symbols in sports,” he said. “To have that honor to don the green jacket and drink out of the claret jug is pretty special.”

Johnson said that Sunday night was the first time he’s seen the claret jug “in a long time,” after sharing the trophy with the rest of his team.

His year with the green jacket was different.

“The beauty of the claret jug is you can drink out of it, but not everybody is a 40 reg(ular),” he said with a smile. “They can touch the green jacket, but there are some individuals in my family who can’t put it on.”