Keep Minnesota nice: Zero tolerance for unruly fans


CHASKA, Minn. – Fan behavior has been a central theme this week at Hazeltine National, with some crossing the line between enthusiastic support and unacceptable behavior.

On Saturday, Rory McIlroy requested that a fan be removed from the event after he made a vulgar comment; and while the crowds, which ballooned to more than 50,000 the last few days, have been largely supportive there have been enough issues for officials to take notice.

“We had a few unfortunate instances yesterday, where a fan misbehaved and became overzealous and unruly and we have a zero-tolerance policy,” PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua said on Sunday’s Golf Central "Live From the Ryder Cup."

PGA officials met early on Sunday to review the association’s no-tolerance policy and posted a message on the electronic scoreboards around Hazeltine that read: “See or hear an unruly fan? Report unruly fans to a volunteer, security, or anyone with a radio. Keep Minnesota Nice!”

“We don’t want the behavior of a small handful of people to in anyway detract from the unbelievable celebration this has been for golf,” Bevacqua said. “It’s a shame. The great fans we have here, 99 percent have been spectacular.”