Koch: 'Sad' Solheim Cup overshadowed by controversy


European Solheim Cup captain Carin Koch admitted Tuesday that she could have – and probably should have – done a few things differently following the controversial concession in Germany.

The U.S. rallied from a 10-6 deficit in singles to win the cup after the incident involving Suzann Pettersen and American rookie Alison Lee. 

“It’s easy to say now going back,” Koch told Sky Sports when asked if things could have been handled better. “It just happened so fast. If there was any chance to slow it down a bit, discuss what happened, if that could have been possible, that probably would have been the one thing (I would have changed). I’m sad that it overshadowed the great moments we had and the great golf that we played. That has been overshadowed by the one putt on Sunday morning.” 

Pettersen, after strongly denying that she did anything wrong, later apologized for her role in the incident, saying that she lost sight of the “bigger picture.” In the team news conference afterward, Koch was among the Europeans who defended Pettersen’s actions. 

Of the criticism she endured, Koch told Sky: “I think after everything that was done for two years ahead of the event and all the things I’d put into the event, that was disappointing to hear. The only thing that we could do is give them the last hole, really. I did say to Suzann that was an option, but she didn’t want to, so I just really had to back my No. 1 player at that stage.”