Lewis: Great event, but format needs tweaking


OWINGS MILLS, Md. – The inaugural International Crown was loaded with drama late Saturday afternoon, but it left the Rolex world No. 1 player wishing there will be some tweaks in future stagings of the event.

Frustrated that the Americans failed to advance to Sunday singles, Stacy Lewis went on record hoping for some format changes.

“It's just crazy to think that we're two points out of the lead of this thing and we're not able to play tomorrow,” Lewis said. “So that's really what's the most disappointing part about the format. We just wish we had an opportunity tomorrow, because I think that we really could win tomorrow if we had an opportunity to play.”

The Americans had their chances, but they dug themselves a hole getting swept in the opening round by Chinese Taipei, which didn’t beat another team the rest of the way. The Americans had their chance late Saturday in the final match of the day, needing a win or a halved match with Thailand to advance to Sunday singles but lost. They had yet another chance in the playoff against South Korea and lost that, too.

What would Lewis like to see changed?

“Just the way all the points have fallen, I think that everybody, every team should be playing on Sunday,” Lewis said. “I just think it's too bunched up with the points  . . . I think first and last is five points apart, which, that's not very much in this format.

“So, I think that's the only thing you tweak in it. Maybe look at the playoff we had today, keeping it as a best ball, and not using that second ball, maybe doing something different there, just I think purely because I know the fans out there didn't understand what was going on.”

Lewis said she likes the overall concept.

“I thought that it was a great first year,” she said. “I think the coolest part for me was to be able to see Yani [Tseng] out there, representing her country.  And the Australians, they didn't have the opportunity like we do at Solheim Cup. So I think we succeeded there. It had a different feel to it than Solheims, but it had a good feel to it.

“I think it's an event that has a great opportunity to grow over the years, and I was just honored to be on team USA the first year and can't wait to play with these girls again.”