Manziel has run-in with fan at the Byron Nelson


Johnny Manziel's love of golf has been well documented. Not as well documented as some other aspects of the Cleveland Browns quarterback's life, but still, it's no secret that he enjoys his time on the links.

So it wasn't a shocker to see the 22-year-old Texas native in the gallery on Saturday at the Byron Nelson ... or that the day ended with Manziel's name in the headlines.

While TMZ Sports initially reported that Johhny Football got into an altercation with a friend as they were leaving the tournament, an Irving police spokesman has since stated that an 18-year-old male fan was harrasing the former first-round NFL draft pick near the Four Seasons' hotel pool, located next to the golf course. Things escalated when Manziel threw a water bottle at the fan, but missed, prompting Manziel's friends and hotel security to intervene. Police were eventually called, though neither party ended up pressing charges.

Police also stated that they did not detect any sign of intoxication with Manziel, who just finished a highly publicized stint in rehab for alcohol addiction.

In the end, this will barely register as a blip on the radar in Manziel's world, but he certainly isn't making it any easier on the Browns brass to believe him when he says he has matured and is ready to lead an NFL team.