Nobilo: Woods had equipment edge during historic run


Golf Channel analyst Frank Nobilo says that one of the main reasons for Tiger Woods’ unprecedented dominance in 2000 was that he was one of the first players to switch from the wound ball to the solid ball. 

“It was probably the first and only time in Tiger’s career that you could argue that maybe he had better equipment than the rest,” Nobilo said in an interview Tuesday with Reuters.

Woods switched to the solid ball in May 2000, a month before he won the U.S. Open by 15 shots on his way to holding all four majors at the same time. 

Today’s golf ball has a solid, multi-layer, urethane cover that is more consistent than the previous model, which featured either a liquid center or synthetic rubber core.

“Everybody caught up about a year or two later (with ball technology) and Tiger was still better, but not by quite as much,” Nobilo said, according to the report. “Everybody now is using the same type of equipment so it’s hard for any one player to get that technological jump ahead that I believe Tiger had in 2000.

“He obviously had skills too, but that’s why it wasn’t a fair fight.”