Photo: Anthony Kim spotted in Dallas


If you want to find out what happened to Anthony Kim, you might want to start visiting Dallas-area pet stores.

Dr. Brian Mann, a sports chiropractor and a Nike Golf performance specialist, posted this image of Kim to his Twitter account Saturday.

A three-time PGA Tour winner, Kim hasn't played competitive golf in four years, since the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship. His absence has left a continued question in the golf world about what happened to A.K. and whether he'll ever come back.

A story written by in 2014 stated that Kim is staying away from the Tour in order to collect a large insurance policy he took out against the potential of a career-ending injury.

Kim denied that claim in a rare interview with the Associated Press last year, but nonetheless called golf "a fond memory" and said he was focusing on rehabilitating his body after "six or seven surgeries in the last three-and-a-half years." At the time, Kim said he hadn't played a full round of golf in nearly 18 months and offered no hint at a return.