Tour allows preferred lies through green at Crowne


Updated 7:45 p.m.

The PGA Tour took the unusual step of implementing lift, clean and place through the green Sunday at Colonial Country Club.

Players were allowed to take their ball in hand not just in the fairway but also in the rough.

Colonial Country Club took on more than five inches of water in the last two weeks, and the Tour decided to permit preferred lies as a result.

Given the projected forecast for Sunday afternoon, the Tour attempted to push up tee times to 7 a.m. local time in Texas to beat oncoming weather but was unable to start until 10 a.m. thanks to rain and flooding.

With even more wet weather expected in the afternoon, the Tour's Vice President for Rules and Competition Mark Russell told Golf Channel's George Savaricas that the course could not handle another downpour and that another storm would most likely end play for the day.

Though the skies did open once again Sunday afternoon, players stayed on the course, and the sun finally made an appearance for the last few hours of play.