UGA's McCoy dislocates rib after trying to imitate coach


ATLANTA – Georgia senior Lee McCoy learned an important lesson last week: Don’t mess with your coach. 

On the range with a few teammates, McCoy tried to imitate the swing of Bulldogs coach Chris Haack, who has been dealing with back and leg injuries. McCoy got close to the ball at address, hunched over and “tried to swing like a 90-year-old.” 

Only problem? He got hurt. 

McCoy went to hit a normal shot and couldn’t move. Turns out he had dislocated a rib under his left shoulder blade. 

“I couldn’t breathe,” he said. “I knew something was wrong.” 

It took McCoy about 15 minutes to convince his teammates and coaches that he was seriously injured.

“Haack wasn’t real thrilled about it once he knew I wasn’t kidding,” he said.  

McCoy called one of Georgia’s team doctors and had his rib popped back into place.

A few days later, McCoy feels fine at address and when he takes back the club, but he still experiences some discomfort through impact and when he swings through to his left side. 

McCoy didn’t play in the pro-am here at the East Lake Cup, but he hit about 150 balls Sunday and said that he should be good to go for the first round of matches, which are scheduled to begin Monday afternoon. McCoy, the ninth-ranked amateur in the world, will face LSU All-American Eric Ricard. 

“Instant karma,” he said. “Unbelievable. Never seen anything like it. Literally, in a matter of 15 seconds after making fun of the guy, I’m feeling the exact same pain. Haack was giving me more grief than you can possibly imagine.”