Vonn supports Woods' response to parody article


Hours after Tiger Woods penned a pointed response to a parody article focused on him in the latest issue of Golf Digest, skiier Lindsey Vonn made it clear that her boyfriend's reaction has her full support.

"I completely agree with him," Vonn told USA Today. "I agree with his statement and I'm glad that he did it. That's not journalism. It was like a fabricated interview, like what (author Dan Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say."

Jenkins' piece was billed as a "Fake Q&A" with Woods, and appeared in the December issue of the publication. Woods' agent Mark Steinberg sent a letter on Nov. 12 to Conde Nast, which owns Golf Digest, regarding Woods' displeasure with the article and Tuesday, Woods wrote a response on ThePlayersTribune.com in which he likened Jenkins' piece to a "grudge-fueled piece of character assassination."

According to Vonn, any attempt at satire in Jenkins' original piece missed the mark.

"It went way too far, and it wasn't very clear that it was a joke, that it was fabricated," she said. "If you read it, you might think that it was actually Tiger talking. The whole thing is completely ridiculous."