Storms wash out Bubba, 'Duck Dynasty' at pro-am


AVONDALE, La. – Severe storms suspended play Wednesday at the Zurich Classic pro-am, which was unfortunate, you see, because Bubba Watson and the guys from the TV show “Duck Dynasty” were primed to become the most unlikely team winners in PGA Tour history.

Alas, instead of hearing them celebrate with the attendant whooping and duck calls – they were leading at 9 under through 10 holes – we were left with an impromptu news conference on the covered patio at TPC Louisiana. You learn to take what you can get during a washout.

Anyway, the brothers, Jase and Willie Robertson, both 15 handicaps, star in an A&E reality TV show about a family of passionate duck hunters who turned a small business into a multimillion-dollar operation.

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How do they know Bubba, you ask?

Well, like many relationships these days, they met online, via social media. Before long, they started hanging out and learned that they “share a lot of the same values.”

“He’s the greatest,” Jase said, the rain pounding the roof of the clubhouse. “I mean, he’s a legend.”

“He’s a legend,” Willie added, nodding for emphasis.

Surprisingly, the Duck Dynasty guys, of West Monroe, La., actually have some game, despite playing only a few times per year.

Willie, wearing plaid shorts and an American flag bandana, birdied the first hole. But he tired by No. 7.

Jase, sporting camouflage pants, made a natural birdie on the sixth.

“I learned he’s a pretty good trash talker,” Jase said of his abbreviated round with Bubba. “He was actually talking about how long and loopy my golf swing was, which I found … ironic.”

The Robertson brothers are known for their bushy, unkempt beards, so thick and gnarly that it rivals U.S. Open rough.

Though in awe of their wooly appearance, Bubba sees no need to grow a few whiskers of his own: “No, I look way too good to cover up my face. They have to cover up their face to be on TV. But I look perfect, so I’ve got no reason to do that.”