Apparently, Lil Wayne is a huge Tom Watson fan



As it turns out, Tom Watson does know who Lil Wayne is, and he'll be attending one of his shows soon to give Tunechi a standing ovation of his own.

If this is not captured on video, then what are we even all doing on the Internet?

Original story: April 9, 12:34 PM ET

For a few years there in the mid-to-late aughts, Lil Wayne was the biggest name in the rap game. "Tha Carter II" was the literal hotness.

But then "Rebirth" came out, he spent some time in Rikers, and now he's best known as the guy pouring champagne on his phone in those Samsung ads.

And believe it or not, Weezy is - apparently - a Tom Watson fan.

I'm willing to bet every cent I have that 66-year-old Tom Watson has no idea who Lil Wayne is.

That said, in Tom's defense, he's more into the OGs: