Aussie duo pranks way into playing North Korea Open



According to, this story has been largely exaggerated.

The tour operator who organizes the North Korean Amateur Golf Championships said the men did play in the tournament, but they didn't misrepresent themselves ,.. initially.

The duo got in the event just like everyone else, by asking to play and being upfront about their beginner status. However, when asked by some North Koreans if they were the Australian golf team, they decided to play along.

That snowballed into the tale that went viral on Wednesday, of the two Australians "pranking" their way into the country and the event.


This one took a little bit lot of "crazy" to attempt, let alone pull off.

According to Nine News Australia, two Australian men, Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay, cut their vacation in China short to sneak into North Korea and trick their way into competing in the North Korean Amateur Golf Championships in early October.

The 28-year-olds posed as the official Australian golf team, wearing official-looking green blazers to look the part.

From Nine News:

The plucky duo had to surrender their passports to officials when they entered North Korea but enjoyed plenty of perks as honored guests.

They were taken on official visits around the capital city of Pyongyang, and pictures show them standing next to statues of the country’s dictators Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il with bouquets of flowers.

The Brisbane men were chaperoned around for the entire five-day trip as part of the conditions of their travel.

However, the pair’s poor golf skills were exposed playing in the two-day tournament at Pyongyang Golf complex, North Korea's only golf course.

The event attracted 85 international players, many playing off a scratch handicap or single figures.

A local person told Mr Ruig and Mr Shay they had played so badly that "they brought shame on their families".

The prank was just a tad risky considering North Korea's - to put it nicely - rather contentious relationship with the rest of the world, not to mention the fact that the guys had no shot to win. Everyone knows that trophy is Kim Jong-Un's the second he laces up the spikes.

Nevertheless, the duo made it out of the country alive and well and it sounds like they're planning on pulling more pranks in the future.

Good luck with that.