Hoop there it is: Bryan Bros' NBA-inspired trick shots


If you continue to successfully execute golf trick shots, film them and post them to the web, then the Grill Room will have no choice but to continue posting them.

Initially, we hoped to fill each Thursday with a trick shot (and thus, #TrickShotThursday was born), but with the abundance of talented individuals equipped with smart phones and GoPros out there, we have no choice but to post more often. (Like this one posted on a Monday, or this one on a Sunday ... when will the madness stop?!)

The latest must-see trick shot video (brought to you on a Tuesday - oh, the humanity!) comes from guys you've seen before - the Bryan Bros.

If you're excited for the NBA season to get underway, they've got you covered. If you're in a football frenzy, look no further. In World Series wonderment? Worry no more, the Bryan Bros. are on it.

Pretty awesome stuff, guys, so be sure to keep 'em coming. And if you do, we promise to keep up our end of the bargain, as well.