Dufner and The Rock have delightful Twitter dialogue


I'm not quite sure what this says about the state of presidential politics, but Republican frontrunner and golf resort tycoon Donald Trump apparently reminds Jason Dufner of another man who had a unique way with words:

To be clear, a healthy portion of The Rock's shtick in the late '90s involved a preoccupation with sticking any and all objects up his opponent's "candy ass."

As for #sufferingfromRockfever, that's evidently code for what happens to The People's Champion when he isn't eating his annual allotment of 821 pounds of cod, single-handedly creating a bubble in American fish industry. 

In summation, Donald Trump reminds Jason Dufner of The Rock, The Rock occasionally drinks too much tequila and always eats too much cod, and Jason Dufner had to re-send that last tweet after originally referring to HBO's original series as "Ballin" and not "Ballers."

Do with this information what you will.