English junior costs himself ace, course record


English junior golfer Josh Hogarth should be pleased after winning a junior event at the Alister MacKenzie-designed South Moor Golf Club last week, but he's probably still feeling some sting.

En route to the title, Hogarth, 15, made a hole-in-one at the 186-yard, par-3 14th ... but then the Rules of Golf got in the way.

Hogarth's tee shot came to rest between the flagstick and the edge of the hole. When he reached the green, Hogarth made the mistake of pulling the pin straight up, bringing the ball out of the hole.

The Rules of Golf do allow a player to maneuver the flagstick to avoid precisely this situation, but as Hogarth told a reporter after his round, he didn't know that:

“If I had known the rules, it would have been a hole in one," he said,

“I thought you had to pull the flagstick out keeping it directly upright. When I did that, the ball squirted out and ended up an inch from the hole.”

And so Hogarth was stuck signing for a two instead of a one. As mentioned in the tweet above, not only did he miss out on the hole-in-one, but he also missed out on what would have been South Moor's new club record of 64.

"I shall put it down to experience," Hogarth added. "It’s a lesson learned.”

[h/t Golf Digest]