Entourage could get any athlete, 'besides Tiger'


Vinny Chase can play golf with Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg. Ari Gold can spend an afternoon on the links with Phil Mickelson. But the boys could never tee it up with Tiger Woods.

Entourage, the movie based on the HBO series, premiered Wednesday to largely awful reviews. Rotten Tomatoes scored the film at 31 percent, concluding that it "retains many elements of the HBO series, but feels less like a film than a particularly shallow, cameo-studded extended episode of the show." 

Critics missed the point of the film like Woods missed fairways Thursday morning at Muirfield Village.

Speaking of which, series showrunner Doug Ellin was interviewed by Time (h/t Golf Digest) and asked about the show's long and varied history of celebrity cameos, saying: "We can get almost any athlete, besides Tiger.”

Just for reference, athletes in the film include Brady, Baron Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Theirry Henry, Clay Matthews, Mike Richards, Ronda Rousey and Mike Tyson - among others.

You can watch Mickelson's one-time appearance from Season 5 right here, although it might not be safe for work without earphones. Phil says "ass;" Ari says a lot of other stuff.