Kaufman gets 'RIP Harambe' stamped on wedge


It's official, Harambe memes have reached the PGA Tour.

For those unfamiliar, Cincinnati Zoo officials shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe in May after a child fell into the ape exhibit.

The Internet has not forgotten, turning Harambe into the meme of the summer. He's popped up in viral slogans, on t-shirts and memorabilia, makeshift parody memorials, and is even getting written in on presidential polls.

After a plea to stop the mockery was met with more memes, the Cincinnati Zoo deleted its Twitter account.

Smylie Kaufman has now gotten in on the action, stamping "RIP Harambe" on his 58-degree wedge as he showed off on his Snapchat Monday.