Look at all these famous people playing golf together


We couldn't think of a more appropriate time to bring you this super important news than the Wednesday of Wells Fargo week, but holy crap(!) look at all the star power in this photo.

So George Lopez, Andy Garcia and Lee Trevino are friends. That's easy enough to believe. Lopez and Garcia have been on the celebrity golf circuit for years. But now they've gone and added Joe Pesci and Brian Wilson to their circle of trust, and are quietly sitting in second place behind only that Michael Jordan-Tom Brady round from March in the "Most Star-Studded Outings of 2015" rankings.

Also, impressive power move to play a sixsome. Who's going to tell them no?

Hopefully nobody called Pesci a funny guy. He's not a clown, he's not here to amuse you. Wilson, on the other hand.

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