Debate 'star' Ken Bone hangs at golf tourney


The year 2016 is a funny time to be alive. One minute you're a 34-year-old, midwestern, sweater-wearing, undecided voter who is given the chance to ask the candidates a question at the presidential debate, the next you're a viral Internet meme and sudden celebrity.

Such is the life of Kenneth Bone, who is, at least for now, still riding his 15 minutes of fame.

According to, Bone appeared at Normandie Golf Club in St. Louis - with a full film crew in tow - for the insideSTL Fall Golf Classic.

Bone hit some shots and posed for pictures with fans, raising $554 for 3 Little Birds 4 Life charity, which benefits adults living with cancer.

You can check out more photos of the event by clicking on the link below: