Rap duo back with latest hit about Callaway wedge


Back in March we brought you the story of golf club salesmen and part-time golf rappers, R-Rabbit and Q-Tip, whose smash hit "Turbulators" (33,600 views on YouTube) - about the Ping G30 driver - undoubtedly got stuck in your head.

Well, the duo is back with their latest hit, "PM Grindin," about the newest Callaway wedge, the Mack Daddy PM, and their star has never shined brighter.

Not only have they gained some street cred, with Q-Tip pulling a Puff Daddy and changing his name on the down low (he's now Q-Tee), but their lyrics are better than ever.

"Hitting flop shots to the green from all around/call me carousel the way I'm getting up and down."

With that hot fire, Dylan is going to have to make some room in his top 5. Keep doing you guys.

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