Relaxed dress code at Tiger's Bluejack National


Perhaps now we know what was up with Tiger Woods sporting those infamous mom jeans while strolling around his unfinished golf project - Bluejack National, outside of Houston - late last year.

Woods has stated in the past that he wanted the course to have a casual feel, saying he wanted it "focused on creating an atmosphere where the whole family can come together."

And now that the course has opened on a limited basis to members this week, we know that the atmosphere will include a relaxed dress code.

Former Tour pro Dave Stockton Jr. gave a lesson at the club last week, and while he was very complimentary in an interview with Golf Digest afterward, saying Tiger did a "helluva job," he also slipped this little nugget in there:

"There is a relaxed feel. If you want to wear jeans, fine. you want to wear your shirt untucked, fine. Look at golf today. Why is the game struggling to find new people to come play? Maybe they don’t want to get dressed up. Today’s kids, and some adults, want a little more relaxed attitude."

Bluejack National also reportedly has a wiffle ball stadium dubbed a "miniature Fenway Park" and a skate park on property.

So if Denim Dan and his family are looking for a place to work on their short game, call their shot over the "Green Monstah" and then pull a gnarly backside 720, sounds like Bluejack National could be the perfect place for them.

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