Video: Wie warns of zombie apocalypse


Ok, folks, Michelle Wie is not messing around: you better get ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Last year in an interview with Golfing World, Wie revealed she is a big fan of zombie movies. She also passed along two key pointers to get yourself ready in case zombies start taking over the planet:

1. Honey is the only natural food that doesn't go bad, so stock up.

2. When you need to kill a zombie, always aim for the head.

This week, Golfing World again caught up with Wie and asked her for an update on her doomsday scenario.

"It still can happen," said the Stanford graduate and reigning U.S. Women's Open champion. "I think it's very important to tune up your zombie survival skills. You never know."

When asked when the last zombie epidemic took place, Wie fired another warning shot.

"Never. But that doesn't mean it's not going to happen," Wie said.

(Runs out to buy all the honey.)