Watch: Aussie champ Jones met hero Norman in 1987


Matt Jones' Australian Open title Sunday may have instantly vaulted near the top of his golf memories from his homeland, but it will probably have a tough time nudging out the time he met his hero, Greg Norman, at the Australian Masters in 1987 at the age of six.

Jones, who became a bit of a childhood celebrity at his local course, Kareela Golf Club in south Sydney, after making a hole-in-one earlier that year, got the chance to meet "The Great White Shark," as you can see in this video dug up by 7News Sydney.

Norman, who won the tournament, was very complimentary of the young Jones' game and proved remarkingly prophetic, saying at the 2:50 mark, "He's the future generation of Australian golf and probably world golf."

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[h/t to 7News Sydney]