Watch: Barker, Sandler reunite, fight again


The story of Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker did not end at the 1996 Pepsi Pro-Am.

Barker and Adam Sandler joined forces in the video below as part of Comedy Central's annual telethon, "Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Austism Programs." 

What starts out a pleasant enough reunion ultimately ends with the both of them dead from Ebola. (What spoilers? The plot isn't the point.)

The highlight of the video - at least for me - is the appearance of Apollo Creed Carl Weathers, Abe Lincoln and the alligator still enjoying Heaven. The only misstep? Not having Christopher McDonald available to ask a hospital nurse for a Pepsi (oh, and Miss ... diet).

Some of the language is NSFW so make sure you pop in your headphones - or crank up the volume depending upon your workplace's particular sensibilities. I am not responsibile for dealing with your HR department.