Randall's Rant: End the debauchery, on Saturday


Revving the engine on the way back to work Monday morning ...

• A lot of us were cross-eyed watching the Super Bowl kickoff Sunday, and I’m including the completely sober among us. With one eye on the Waste Management Phoenix Open playoff and one eye on the start of the football game, the late finish at TPC Scottsdale was more infuriating than exciting. Even without a playoff, the PGA Tour’s Sunday finish on Super Bowl weekend is an annoying inconvenience. You want to get booed at your own Super Bowl party? Try flipping the channel over to golf, even in pregame. Somebody please figure out a way to end the golf on Saturday.

• TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole “coliseum” isn’t the most exciting hole in golf, unless you like your golf played through a drunken mosh pit. A lot of us have known it as the most obnoxious hole in golf for a long time now, but its reputation grew even worse with Saturday’s GolfDigest.com story. Apparently, it is also the most carnal and promiscuous hole in golf, with all the sex in the porta potties. Based on the story, tournament organizers might want to consider more than free Breathalyzer tests for its exiting patrons. They might want to consider administering free penicillin shots.

• Tiger Woods ought to know how many people are rooting to see him win again, but he ought to know there are a lot of folks who will roll their eyes if he shows up at the Genesis Open next week saying he’s there to win. He does himself no favors holding on to old mantras. Making it to the weekend looks like a lofty goal now, because making it to Friday isn’t a given at Riviera. Sadly, we aren’t sure yet if he’ll make it to Thursday.

• If Sergio Garcia shows up at the Masters saying he’s there to win, there will be some serious rolling of the eyes among media, but you know what? The game’s better if Garcia goes there believing he can. It’s been almost five years since he beat himself up at Augusta National saying “I’m not good enough ... I need to play for second or third place.” He has won five times around the world since then, including Sunday’s masterful finish in Dubai. He has even logged five finishes of T-8 or better in majors since then. Garcia is good enough to win a major, and it will be better than a good story if he finally breaks through all those demon doubts haunting him. It might be the year’s best story.