Ping issues 50th anniversary Anser putters


Fifty years after company founder Karsten Solheim designed the original Anser, putter, Ping has introduced two new Anser models – the TR 1966 Anser and Anser 2.

Ping says its engineers relied on 3D scans of the original Anser and Anser 2 “to analyze the subtle contours and radius details that Karsten personally shaped into the designs using his mill and hand files.”

Ping Chairman and CEO John Solheim, who helped his father build the original Anser model in the family’s Scottsdale, Ariz., garage as a teenager, said the goal was to strike a balance between advancing the game’s best putter technology and giving golfers a sense of the Anser’s history: “Karsten’s groundbreaking Anser design was genius because of how well it performed and how different it was. Golfers had never seen anything like it. He hand-shaped every detail of it until it was perfect in his mind. The Anser changed putter design forever, and it still influences putter manufacturers worldwide 50 years later because of its unparalleled success and popularity.” 

The “TR” in the putters’ name refers to Ping’s “True-Roll” face technology.

The new Anser model has no alignment line and features more rounded heel and toe contours and a slightly thicker top line.

The Anser 2 has a white alignment line on the flange. Its heel and toe contours are less rounded than those of the Anser and its top rail is narrower.

Both putters retail for $162.50. They will be available in golf shops in March.