Popular Costco golf ball again out of stock


The most popular holiday gift for the golfer in your life might just be found at a supermarket.

Bulk retailer Costco recently entered the golf ball market, introducing a Kirkland Signature model. The four-piece ball features a urethane cover and conforms to USGA guidelines. It also features a rock-bottom price, with two dozen balls being sold for $30 at stores nationwide.

The price point largely contributed to the balls selling out in short order a few weeks ago, but as a Forbes report indicates the ball has also tested favorably against some of the biggest brands in golf, many of which sell for more than twice the Kirkland price.

Costco agreed to re-stock the shelves this week, but that only lasted two hours before the reserves were once again depleted. The balls are currently only available on auction sites like eBay, where the marked-up prices on many listings approach $40 per dozen.

It remains to be seen when Costco will next put another installment of the balls on sale, but it seems they won't have much trouble with sales figures whenever it happens.