Alliss: Muirfield right to block female membership


The decision by Muirfield Golf Club to continue its stance as an all-male club led to some stern opposition from many corners of the game, but it was a decision that noted commentator Peter Alliss supports.

Alliss, 85, has been the voice of golf for the BBC for generations. Hours after the Honourable Company of Edinborough Golfers narrowly missed the two-thirds majority needed to allow female members, Alliss told the U.K.'s Telegraph that the entire controversy was "nonsense" because women have always been allowed to play the course that has hosted the Open Championship 16 times.

"The fact is, if you talked to the wives of members at Muirfield they would be horrified at the prospect of being allowed to join," Alliss said. "The wives can use all the facilities at the club, but it doesn't cost them anything. If they had to pay to join, they would be horrified."

Shortly after the vote was announced, the R&A released a statement indicating that it would no longer take the Open to clubs that refuse to allow female members. It's a decision that means Muirfield, which last hosted the Open in 2013, is currently out of the tournament's rota, and it's one with which Alliss colorfully disagreed.

"I think it will be very sad if Muirfield didn't host the Open Championship, because it is one of the best courses the Open is played on," he said. "It is bull****."