Chamblee: Without new swing, Woods risks injury


If Tiger Woods hasn’t changed his swing from what it was before his most recent injury, his comeback could be short-lived, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says.

“If he comes back and he continues to swing the way he was swinging when he was last playing, I think that he will risk injury,” Chamblee said Wednesday.

“There's a far easier way to swing the golf club, in my opinion, than the way he was swinging the golf club. If he comes back and indeed if he is swinging more upright, he does have a little freer lower body movement, if he does have a move off of the ball, if he does all those things, I think it will be easier on his back.”

Woods has already cost himself six years of his career making swing changes, Chamblee said. “He's cost himself two years changing a golf swing in '98, two years changing a golf swing in 2003, two years changing a golf swing in 2010. That's six years. He cannot afford … he doesn't have the time to change his golf swing. I'm hoping that the changes are already successful and they're in place.”

Woods also may have to deal with the short-game yips that plagued him when he last played, Chamblee said.

“[I]t's been my experience that I have never seen anybody in professional golf with what I would call the short-game yips overcome them,” Chamblee said. “I've never seen it done. I've never seen it ever done, even in amateur golf.”

But if Woods is able to make a successful comeback, “it will be one of the most miraculous transformations that I've ever seen in the game of golf,” Chamblee said. "And who isn't pulling for that? I certainly am. There's nothing more exciting than watching Tiger Woods play golf at his very best.”

Chamblee envisioned a best-case scenario of Woods competing successfully with today’s best players. “Imagine if Tiger Woods comes back with any semblance of the game that he last had in 2013, and you'd have Rory [McIlroy] playing at the top of his game, and Jason Day and Jordan Spieth.

“It would be captivating.”