Excerpts from Player's teardown of Chambers Bay


Some players, like Phil Mickelson, have tried to be diplomatic. One player, co-leader Jordan Spieth, called the 18th "the dumbest hole" he's ever played. Another, Henrik Stenson, likened the greens to putting on "broccoli."

But the strongest criticism of Chambers Bay came Saturday morning from nine-time major winner and 1965 U.S. Open champion Gary Player. In the video below, Player refers to Chambers Bay as a "tragedy," before going on to argue the course is bad for both professional and amateur golf.

Below are some of the standout excerpts from Player's interview:

• "We're playing the U.S. Open, this great championship, a group of people, the USGA, that I have great respect for, but this has been the most unpleasant golf tournament I've seen in my life. I mean the man who designed this golf course had to have one leg shorter than the other."

• "I understand [why the USGA came here to a public course]. What they did at Bethpage was tremendous. ... But you don't bring [the U.S. Open] to golf courses like this. This is devastating. To see a man miss the green by one yard and end up 50 yards down there, caddies falling and hurting their ankles and knees, players falling ... This is terrible."

• "You go to Augusta, they've got undulating greens, but they're playable. ... These greeens are virtually - did you see how these pros were three-putting yesterday one after the other? ... It's unbelievable seeing a man have a putt from 20 feet and he's hitting it 20 feet to the right."

• "I'll tell you what - there have never been so many people to miss the cut that are so happy to go home. I'd really love - it'd be a wonderful thing - if we could take the announcers that are announcing on this tournament and give them a lie detector and see if they're telling the truth on television. I'd love to see that."