Green jacket found in pile of donated clothes is sold


A Pennsylvania car dealer today owns an Augusta National green jacket, thanks to an eagle-eyed volunteer at a Houston charity.

Neither the car dealer nor the volunteer has been identified, but here's what happened: The jacket was found in a bundle of clothes that had been donated to The Guild Shop in December. Sifting through the clothes, the volunteer recognized it and the shop, after authenticating it, put it up for sale. The car dealer saw it online and bought it on Friday.

Shop executive director Gaye Jackson said she had been told that the jacket would likely go at auction for $18,000. She said the sale ''met expectations.''

Augusta National custom is that member's jackets don't leave the property, but some have managed to escape. In 2013, New Jersey-based sold a jacket that had belonged to Horton Smith, winner in 1934 of the first playing of the tournament that came to be called the Masters, for $682,000.