Trevino: Spieth 'went totally blank' on 12th hole


Six-time major champion Lee Trevino says Jordan Spieth "went totally blank" on the 12th hole Sunday at Augusta National and violated the par 3's two cardinal rules for avoiding disaster.

Speaking with Matt Adams on "Fairways of Life" on Tuesday, Trevino opened with a story about his own blow-up at Portland Country Club in 1969 when he made a seven on the 17th hole, lost to Billy Casper by a shot, proceeded to have "about six beers" on a flight to Singapore, and then won team and individual honors at the World Cup.

As for what happened to Spieth on Sunday, Trevino, per usual, had plenty to say.

"Let me tell you something," Trevino said, "he went totally blank on the hole, and it's happens. It absolutely happens. And your caddie can go totally blank also under the moment of all that pressure. ...

"But there are two rules on the 12th hole at Augusta. ... One, is you never aim at the flag at Augusta on the 12th hole. You always aim in the middle of the bunker, and try to carry the bunker, and take your 20-footer left or right. ... That's what you do there. Never go at that flag. Okay, that's No. 1.

"No. 2: If you do hit it in the water, you never, ever go down to the creek and drop a ball. You always re-tee it. And the reason for it is because when you go down to drop your ball, you're dropping it in a wet area with a downslope trying to hit the ball up over a creek. 

"Weiskopf hit four in there one year. He hit four! He went down there and dropped exactly where Jordan did and hit four in there."

Trevino, who won six majors titles and three legs of the Grand Slam save for the Masters, added: "You learn from your mistakes, hopefully, and he'll never do it again."