What a week for Kang: Two aces, two cars


Danielle Kang has yet to win an LPGA tournament. She's 104th in the current Rolex Rankings. But she has a talent most of us would kill for.

Danielle Kang can make holes-in-one. Not just regular holes-in-one, which are cool enough. But she can make the kind of hole-in-one that comes with a car.

Last week in the first round of the Blue Bay LPGA tournament in China, Kang, 22, aced the 155-yard 17th hole with an 8-iron to win a Buick LaCrosse.

On Friday in Taipei, Taiwan, the Pepperdine University product and two-time U.S. Women's Amateur champion made her second ace in eight days, jarring a 7-iron at the 158-yard 17th hole in the second round of the LPGA Taiwan Championship. This time she got an Audi A6 T2.0.

"I was actually thinking about a hole-in-one, because I've been touching that car," Kang told reporters. "I really wanted the car. It was right to left. So, I wanted to aim a little right of it, but then I caught it OK. It hit the fringe, like the collar, and it just kicked straight in and just rolled, tracked all the way into the hole."

That was her third ace in LPGA play this season, tying the record set by Tracy Kerdyk in 1991 and matched by Charlotta Sorenstam in 2002.

Kang made a fourth hole-in-one this year in a non-tournament round. All told, she has made eight aces.